About me

Hi guys! I am Monika Brózda also known as yolk.
I am from central Europe and just love traveling - that's why I can be found in different places every now
and then. In my life as in work I try to follow my sensibility and intuition.

I started to create in my earliest days, began working as an illustrator and designer in a publishing house.
After 3 years of working full time I decided to become a freelancer in the outside world.

I love searching for new ways of expression thru color and selfmade textures, thus surprising illustrators
and studios working with me.

I have been working on illustrations, comics and animations for over 14 years and had the chance to work on illustrations
of such people like Tom Bancroft or Denis Goulet.

I also colaborated with studios: Cartoon Network Europe and Uli Meyer Animation.

Currently I am working freelance, and i'm open for interesting propositions- full time and commissions.

Apart from that I try to keep being a freelancer which gives me opportunity to develop further and to derive pleasure from my own way.

On daily basis i require movement to keep my inner balance - that's why i am crazy about swimming, dancing, cycling
and backpacking in the woods :)

Worked with: 

AT Animation,
Cartoon Network Europe,
Chuck Gammage Animation,
Crunch Dog,
Funnypages Productions,
Kovofilm LLP,
Nowa Era,
Platige Image,
Uli Meyer Animation Studios

here you can find all resume and recommendations